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Uses for Large Format Printing
Posted By:  Ashley Rahe
Monday, June 19, 2017

Marketing 101:

How do you get the customer’s attention and make a memorable impression?   A key marketing element to propel your business forward in the new millennium is large format printing.  Large format photography and printing can be implemented in a multitude of ways to help promote your business or foundation.  A few key ways you can maximize your impressions with large format printing without going overboard on budget is by creating posters and banners for trade shows, or wall coverings for your retail space.

Catch their attention:

Trade shows highlight a multitude of competitive vendors and the products and services they offer.  While these shows provide tremendous opportunity to connect with your prospective clients, you need something that will bring them to your booth.  Colorful graphics and a bold headline can be the split second influence you need to draw them to your booth.  Large format printing is a perfect economical choice because not only can our designers help you come up with the perfect design, but you can reuse your materials.  Our printed options are durable and created to withstand multiple uses.  Our exterior prints have a 10 year warranty, so you know your purchase will last over the duration of time.

Leave a lasting impression:

Perhaps your business doesn’t benefit from participating in trade shows.  Regular brick and mortar businesses can benefit just as strongly using large format printing.   This printing can be used to create wall murals, floor graphics, logos, window decals, and a variety of other point-of-purchase materials that can leave a lasting impression on your customer.  Wall murals and coverings can truly make a retail space pop.  Logos and tag lines can be subtly incorporated into images that positively reinforce your brand in a way that plain walls, or generic wallpaper cannot.  Just like our printing options for exhibits, these items are affordable and durable, a sound marketing investment.

Let the graphic designers at Photo Lab Inc. help you come up with designs and a marketing approach that will take your company’s branding to the next level.  Contact us today at or toll free at 1-800-452-4400.



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