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Location, Location, Location: Photographing Landscapes
Posted By:  Ashley Rahe
Friday, April 15, 2016

We’ve all had the experience of taking pictures of scenery that moved us, only to be disappointed by the prints when we got back home.


So, why is it so difficult to capture the beauty of a landscape in a photograph?


When we look at a landscape, our brains automatically focus on the things we find appealing and ignore the aspects that don’t enthrall us—but the camera captures it all, unless we step in with strategy and skill.


In general, make the best use of daylight (early morning and late afternoon are kinder to landscape photography than high noon), and vantage (hike up a little further or back a little ways to get a better view), no matter where you’re shooting.

Rivers and Streams

Sometimes flowing water dominates the scenery and other times it simply adds to the beauty of the scene. Try conveying the personality of the water by making it the focal point or simply an element in your photograph. You can also use reflections to show the character of the water—move around and find the vantage point that gives you the best representation of the water in the frame.



It can be a challenge to portray the feeling of being in the woods in a photograph. For example, it’s easy to create dark and brooding pictures in dense woods, but that may not be the feeling you want to convey at all.

Finding a focal point within the trees can help bring the emotion of the photograph to the forefront. Use a particular color, an interesting aspect of the forest, or the difference in height between yourself and the trees around to tell a particular story with your imagery.


Fields and Prairies

Finding a point of interest in a vast plain is crucial; otherwise you’ll end up with a bland, boring image. A single tree, a diving red tail hawk, a winding road, or a setting sun can act as your focal point.

We’re always ready to help you print your landscape masterpieces. Give us a call whenever you come home from a successful shoot and we can help you tell your story with bold color and crisp detail.



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