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Inspire, Educate, and Direct with Wall Graphics in Schools
Posted By:  Ashley Rahe
Monday, September 14, 2015

The school year is already in full swing, but now is the perfect time to start planning bold, brilliant wall graphics to welcome students back to school after winter break.

Two things tend to happen when long stretches of walls are left blank in school buildings:

1.    The space gets littered with posters, signs, and messages creating a haphazard, messy feel, or

2.    Administrators miss an opportunity to use the space wisely, leaving it blank and uninspired.

Instead of letting the space be misused or go unused, consider putting it to work to assist visitors in finding their way around the building, direct the flow of foot traffic, inspire students to consider college, and foster school pride.

Wall graphics can break up long, bleak stretches of empty walls with important directional clues that would otherwise be missed. Make your message bold, and easy to see above crowds for the greatest effect.

Are you always fighting the natural flow of students from one direction to another? Use wall graphics to encourage foot traffic to move in the direction that makes the most sense for the group, rather than for hundreds of individuals.

High school students should be on the fast track to choosing a college, and you can aid in that process with inspirational quotes, information, and even insignia related to colleges across the country.

Put your school mascot to work every day—not just on game days. Use imagery to instill a sense of school pride as students move through the hallways of the building.

We can help design and printing whatever you have in mind. Contact our office to find out how we can help you make a bold statement, disrupt a boring, blank wall, and motivate your students to do their best work this year.


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