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Can You Take Print-Worthy Photos with a Smart Phone?
Posted By:  Ashley Rahe
Sunday, August 21, 2016

When phones first became “smart” the cameras imbedded in them left a little to be desired, but these days, the answer is definitely yes.

Of course, your images won’t be equal to those that you take with a dedicated digital camera, but if you’re like most of us, you never leave the house without your phone, so it’s what you’ll use in a pinch, more often than not. Plus, every new smart phone generation shows improved image quality, easier editing technology, and more interesting special effects.

A lot of the same tips you use to take great photos with your DSLR apply to your smartphone. So give some of these ideas a try the next time you pull out your phone to snap a picture.

Go Sideways

The landscape orientation lets you capture more in each image, and can add interest to a picture, depending on what’s in the frame. And if you’re trying to get a big group in one picture, landscape is the way to go. Holding your phone horizontally will also create photos that look better when viewed on a widescreen computer or television.

Keep Shooting

The beauty of digital is that you can shoot as many pictures as it takes to get it right. Someone blinked? The angle didn't work? The clouds parted and the sun was blinding? No problem—just shoot it again. And again if you need to. When you think you only need to take one, take five.

Get a Little Closer

Try filling the whole frame with your subjects. Or try cropping in interesting places to give your images a more artistic look. Going in closer also means you can capture more facial detail, such as light freckling, a charming dimple or soft pale blues of the iris.

Say No to Digital Zoom

When we say get a little closer, we mean you should physically move closer to your subject—don’t use the zoom function on your phone. Your images will always come out pixelated and blurry, no matter how steady you hold the camera.

Move Left, or Right

Could you improve composition by moving your camera so that the subject isn’t in in the center of the frame? Give it a try. You’ll add some interest to the photo when you capture your adorable daughter and a full view of the spectacular sunset beyond her.

Clouds are the Best

Soft, natural light is a bonus in any photography scenario. Avoid sharp, overhead light, and try not to use your flash if at all possible. Use natural light whenever you can, especially that most flattering of natural light diffused by overhead clouds.

Beautiful Twilight

The hour before and after sunset creates gorgeous light for landscapes and outdoor photography. The golden hour (before) creates fiery oranges and reds. The blue hour (after) gives soft, subtle blues.

Hold your Phone Steady

To get a good, sharp image, turn yourself into a human tripod. Hold the camera with both hands and pull your arms into your chest or stomach. You're instantly sturdier and so are your photos.

Watch your Angles

Try to match the height of your subject by kneeling or stepping on something to gain height. You'll get better shots when you're at eye level rather than angling the phone up or down.

Go Candid

Forget posing. Catching subjects off guard can lead to great photos. Some of the best photos of subjects are when they don't realize they're being photographed. But always get their permission before sharing or uploading to social media sites.

Give us a call to find out more about our printing services. We’re always happy to help you create and print images you can be proud of.


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